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General Information

Malay in Latin script is officially known as “Rumi” and Malay in Arabic script is officially known as “Jawi” by the government of Malaysia. As such, I write them as “Rumi” and “Jawi” instead of “Latin” and “Arabic”.

All the Malay translations that I did were neutral, native and avoid loanwords whenever possible. This will ensure it to be understandable across the whole Malay language users, including but not limited to:


Actual Translation

I have divided the translations into four categories.

The first category is continuous translation, for translations that were managed on platforms that will notify me when there are new strings needed to be translated so that I can keep on updating the translations. A lot of softwares, websites, bots are in this category and it makes my life easy since I don’t need to manually check everything for any outdated translation. I can just wait for notification, and I can also display current translation percentage as these platforms will show those in the statistics.

The second category is one-time translation, for translations that are not on any translation management platforms. I translated it at the time I first saw it and then I might not update anymore unless I encounter them again, or the author contacted me notifying about new strings in which I will happily translate for. This category includes stuff like YouTube closed captions, fan websites, proof of concept, etc.

The third category is divisional translation, for translations that are grouped together based on certain criteria because it has gotten too big or because the translation will require many works and the list would be too long to be included as a section in the other categories. Each division has a mix of continuous translation and one-time translation, since some part of the division is available on translation management platform while the others are not available there. Currently, this category has three divisions: Cities: Skylines, Minetest, and Project Sekai.

The fourth category is keep-in-view, for translations that had been planned but not started yet, had started but had been paused, or otherwise not in active work. It also lists translation that had been requested but not yet approved for actual works, and those where translation were discontinued. When I start or resume the translation work then they will be moved to one of the three other categories.


Continuous Translation

One-time Translation

Divisional Translation



Management Platform

I have accounts on multiple translation management platforms, refer to this page for more information.



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